Friday, April 4, 2014

Book Blitz with Melody Stone and her novel The English Officer's Wife

The life of an army wife can be lonely with the wives counting down the days until the husband’s return home to their quarters. Annie has always been the perfect English Officer’s Wife, but loneliness and boredom begins to affect her both physically and emotionally. Someone comes into her life for a brief moment and in an unexpected way reignite a passion that surprises and shocks her.
Content warning: Contains adults scenes, FF and MF.

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Melody Stone was born in London but for most of her life has lived in the Country. A keen horsewoman, she raced thoroughbreds in her twenties, winning her first flat race in public. Melody enjoys writing not only erotic romance stories, but also poetry, blogs and magazine articles. 

 Read an excerpt:

“Well, I guess I should leave you in peace,” Briony said her eyes dimming as she stood and straightened her top. Annie watched as Briony pushed the jumper back over her white shoulder. She knew she was staring but somehow she couldn’t stop herself. Briony was like porcelain, so frail and beautiful.
“This has been great, Annie, and so lovely to get to meet you”.  Annie nodded her head in agreement.  “You too, Briony. Come round anytime you like and as I said before don’t get lonely, we are a good bunch on this street and it can be tough for new wives what with protocol and finding your way round.” Annie wished Briony could stay longer; she had really taken to her and their upbeat conversation.
The new friends walked down the hallway and after Briony zipped her boots up round her slender calves, she took Annie by surprise as she then wrapped her arms tightly round her shoulders. Kissing her softly on the cheek, she patted Briony on the back and said goodbye.
Slowly closing the door Annie wondered why she felt so unnerved. She always kissed and hugged her friends goodbye; in fact she was a big fan of hugs. She thought about Briony's soft skin as she had kissed her back and the subtle scent of her flowery perfume which now hung in the air.
Annie felt something and she had no idea what.  “Weird,” she said, shaking her head as she slowly wiped away the pink lipstick stain from the mug. “What on earth is wrong with you?” She laughed. But she wasn’t sure why she was laughing.
Something had shifted and she felt uncomfortable.  There was an unexplained tightening deep in her stomach.  It confused her, but she was also excited.

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    Thank you so much for including The English Officer's Wife in your Blog Blitz. I truly hope you and your readers enjoy my little book! Thank you again, Best of Wishes, Melody Stone, Author.


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