Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Elodie Parkes guests today with a #coverreveal and #sexysnippets

From Evernight Publishing, an erotic romance anthology: Executive Assistant
Twelve authors, twelve hot stories 
June 20 release
From The Only Way to Dance
Elodie Parkes

Chrissie wins an interview with a prestigious advertising agency. Fate conspires to make the day difficult. The only bright spot, her meeting with the gorgeous Dylan Cross, but who is he, and will their steamy attraction to each other prevent her from having the job she so covets?

Read two sexy excerpts
The elevator stopped. Chrissie’s stomach dropped a little as the elevator car glided the last few inches and the door slid open. The dishy guy had taken her mind off the confined space. She smiled as she walked down the corridor to the designated office. At the door, she realized the man was still with her. Is he having an interview too? His presence gave her a rapid heartbeat. Shyness flooded her, as he leaned around, and opened the door. He stood so close she felt his breath on her ear, a gentle tease. Her thighs clenched as he turned his head to speak, his face close to hers. Dark blue eyes held a kind expression. Kissable lips moved.
“Hi, Chrissie Forbes, isn’t it? I’m Dylan Cross. I’m on the interview panel today. Go ahead.”
Chrissie could hardly breathe her reaction to this man was so strong. She opted to nod her agreement about her identity, and accepted the invitation to go into the room ahead of him. He’s on the panel. How am I not going stare at him or even speak coherently? Pull yourself together. He’s not that great. He is that great, but you’re a professional, an independent woman. Do you want this job or not?

 Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Evernight Publishing, June 20 release

Excerpt 2, 18+
Chrissie laughed and vibrations from her ass on his forearms went straight down into his stomach in waves of desire. He closed his eyes as he moved his face and nestled into her. Her skirt rode up. He bent his head to push his face up under her skirt.
She put her hands on his shoulders. “The trap door won’t move. Dylan, let me down.”
Surrounded by the scent of her skin and the feel of her thighs through the pantyhose she wore, Dylan forced himself to put her down.
She slid down the front of his body, her skirt going up around her waist.
He pulled her against his hips, his hands cupping her ass. He kissed her hard as he lifted her to grind his hard cock against her. “Chrissie.” His whisper sounded like a plea, even to his ears.
She surged up against his body, pushing against him, to return his kiss.
She put her arms around his neck.
“Yes.” She whispered against his lips.

 Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Evernight Publishing, June 20 release

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