Friday, June 20, 2014

Evernight Publishing release day for the #hot new #anthology, Executive Assistant, #eroticromance author Elodie Parkes, guests with an excerpt 18+

From, The Only Way to Dance: Elodie Parkes
18+ excerpt
He closed his eyes as he moved his face and nestled into her. Her skirt rode up. He bent his head to push his face up under her skirt.
She put her hands on his shoulders. “The trap door won’t move. Dylan, let me down.”
Surrounded by the scent of her skin and the feel of her thighs through the pantyhose she wore, Dylan forced himself to put her down.
She slid down the front of his body, her skirt going up around her waist.
He pulled her against his hips, his hands cupping her ass. He kissed her hard as he lifted her to grind his hard cock against her. “Chrissie.” His whisper sounded like a plea, even to his ears.
She surged up against his body, pushing against him, to return his kiss.
She put her arms around his neck.
“Yes,” she whispered against his lips.
Dylan pulled her pantyhose down her thighs. He pushed his fingertips between her legs. She was wet, her cream slippery, and he slid his hand along, and pressed against her clit with his thumb. He heard her low moan against his mouth as he lingered in their kiss. He turned her a little so that he could push two fingers into her pussy, his other arm around her waist to lift her. The warm, wet welcome took his breath away. His cock leaked and throbbed. He pumped his fingers in her as his tongue slid against hers. “You’re smoking hot. I need you badly.” He murmured the words.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Evernight Publishing, All rights Reserved.


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